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Growing cannabis indoors allows growers to control the environment, making production a lot easier.

Cultivating cannabis correctly in indoor grow rooms can involve a lot of time, effort and money. But using Insulated panels can eliminate a good deal of hard work and costs from the process, helping you produce plentiful harvests all year round.

Choosing the right insulated panels for your facility is an incredibly important decision as they can play a very integral role in your ability to comply with regulatory standards.  Cannabis production facilities typically require wall surfaces and construction that are:

  • Durable enough to withstand regular cleaning with mild chemicals

  • Resistant to moisture

  • Compliant with GMP standards


R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. The larger the R-value, the more resistant walls and ceiling are to heat conduction. A room that retains more heat requires less energy input, therefore reducing energy cost and consumption.

A core advantage of modular cannabis grows is that each room features custom prefab wall panels with adaptable R-values, thickness, and surface materials. 

Conduction, convection, and radiation are properties of thermal transfer which sabotage tight thresholds of humidity and temperature. Without tight seals between walls, ceilings, and entry points, convection skews temperature and moisture levels. In critical pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing cleanrooms, every component is designed with great detail to avoid any air gaps and pressure differentials. If air can pass through crevices, so can heat, moisture, odors and contaminants like pests, pollen, spores and bacterial pathogens.

Convection generates mildew in the nooks, cracks, and crevices such as inside of wall cavities and hard to reach corners. Because cannabis grow rooms are generally water and moisture rich environments, the most problematic concern is the ability of microbes, mites, spores, and pollen to migrate on a jet stream of moist warm air.

Chromodek Insulated Wall Panel Systems consist of a rigid EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) foam core with laminated sheet steel permanently bonded to both sides. A finished Chromodek Insulated wall panel building, ceiling or partition wall provides a strong and reliable thermal performance system. 

Chromodek Insulated Wall Panels are energy efficient and feature an aesthetic profile that will look good for years to come. From small coolers to large commercial buildings, Chromodek Insulated Wall Panel Systems provide the ideal energy efficient and economical continuous insulation solution for any building project.


  • Excellent light reflecting qualities –Optimal use of artificial lighting in the grow rooms allow better growth and yield.  But this can consume a lot of electricity. Installing LED lights in place of other types of light bulb can certainly bring down the operation costs. Using Chromodek Insulated Panels can increase your energy savings even further.                                    With their bright white surface, Chromodek Insulated Panels help reflect the maximum amount of indoor grow lights. Seamless joints and hidden fasteners in our Chromodek Insulated Panels create an evenly reflective finish. As a result, you get the desired outcomes in your grow room without having to use more lights. This cuts down your overall energy consumption and associated costs.

  • Extremely low on maintenance – There are many important factors to be taken into consideration when it comes to growing cannabis in indoor grow rooms. And, maintenance is certainly one of them. Using Chromodek Insulated Panels in cannabis grow rooms can lessen the burden of maintenance because they are easy to clean and don’t need any painting.

  • Resistant to humidity – In a cannabis grow room, it is very important to maintain proper air circulation, temperature, and insulation. There are times when humidity levels inside the rooms will need to be increased. But, this may negatively impact the wall panels. Especially those made from wood or FRP wall panels can rot or develop mold due to moisture absorption. Being fully resistant to humidity, Chromodek Insulated Panels help growers overcome this challenge. Because these panels never absorb Moisture, there’s practically no risk of mold or mildew growth.

  • Durable and tough – The toughness and durability of Chromodek Insulated Panels is well known and this is another reason why these panels are becoming a popular choice for cannabis grow rooms. Once installed properly, these doors can stand the test of time extremely well and will hold up for years.

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